Pasar Badung


This 24-hour traditional market and the adjacent Pasar Kumbasari are separated by the Badung River. In Pasar Badung you find will find the usual meat, fish, vegetables, tropical and subtropical fruits, groceries, spices and anything else an Indonesian

Pasar Badung has been the name for the traditional market of Denpasar city until today, although the city of Denpasar has been separated from administration of Kabupaten Badung long time ago. Before the separation of these two administrative areas, Denpasar was the capital city of Kabupaten Badung, so it was logically called Pasar Badung. For the convenience we call this Pasar Badung in this small writing. Pasar Badung is the biggest traditional market in Bali, where all first hand goods are also dropped in this market before distribution to other parts of south Bali or even north Bali for some type of traditional products.

The location of Pasar Badung is enclosed by Jalan Gajah Mada, the first main road of Denpasar city, Jalan Sumatra for east border, and Jalan Hasanudin for the south border, and Jalan Bukit Tunggal for west border. The market is accessible from west, north, and east sides. Later development for transportation to this market is that, bigger car such as bus can not enter the area due to the small road with high density of traffic which causing traffic jump every day. For a sightseeing to Pasar Badung it is only able by mini van with maximum 5 seaters or best by small car. This is causing the visit to this market by tourist become smaller in number as the choice can be found at other places. This market has been formed since the kingdom of Badung start to arise, probably around the turn of 19th century. The location of the market is only 1 km west of the previous palace of Badung, which is now the city square and Bali museum.

Fast development of modern market such as super market, malls, and department stores do not put aside the existence of Badung traditional market, even this market is developing with the new construction of their building by local government and beautiful zoning at the front of the market to look more interesting. The main products that are traded in this market are fish, meat, kitchen tools, farming tools, ritual needs especially for the Hindu, clothing, vegetables, fruits, life poultry, recipes, potatoes, fruits and others.

The building is 3 floors, and the upper floors are the place for the products that can stay long such as ritual needs, mets, basketry, traditional bags, cutter, and even jewelry. Traditional market like Pasar Badung is known for its art of negotiating. One can down the price for 50% from their offered price, yet one must be very careful since the quality of the products are in great variation. ( You can see my mom doing this art of negotiating in the gallery below)

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