Instax 7s Review by Jeff Moore


Review by Jeff Moore

Review by Jeff Moore

I have to admit, I’m kind of a Polaroid fanatic. And always have been. I had met the Cheki around a year or so ago when a friend returned from Japan and I was instantly jealous. A search online found it to be outstandingly expensive and the film was really hard to get. Thanks to Lomography, these are problems of the past!

You can’t imagine how psyched I was to try out the new Instax 7s! I wandered around Brooklyn during the day, snapping indoors and out, testing out the variable “aperture” settings. There are four settings: A house, a cloud, a sun, and a sun with lots of rays. In the shade, I tried out the cloudy setting which came out a bit underexposed. If there is not direct light on your subject, I would recommend going with the “house” setting, even on a bright day. Use “cloudy” for when it is quite overcast out but still mid-day. I was really surprised that the flash still goes off even when on the “sunniest” setting yet it did not overexpose my shots.

When night set, I wondered where else to go to with my new Japanese pal? Why, Tokyo Bar of course. Because Tokyo Bar is fairly bright inside, I tried the cloudy setting, which again, came out underexposed. My tip: At night, only use the indoor/”house” setting. After meeting up with friends, we stopped by some of our favorite haunts throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn and continued shooting from the hip. People everywhere wondered what the hell I was holding and what exactly was this little machine burping up? The size of the prints and the beautiful design of the camera really caught the curiosity of the people we met. If you see this little monochromatic robot giving you the eye, SMILE, it’s ready to snap away.

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    nice shots jeff :)

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