Taman Sari


Taman Sari belonged to Jogjakarta, a part of Mataram Kingdom. Mataram originally had been a great kingdom consisted of many sovereignty. The largest was Surakarta.

Taman Sari is derived from two words, namely, “taman,” meaning a garden or park and “sari,” which means either beautiful or flowers. Hence, the name “Taman Sari” means an area of a beautiful garden adorned with various captivating plants and flowers. Located in the western part of Jogjakarta’s keraton (castle), this garden took years to finish.

Formerly Tamansari was a recreation garden or a resting house for the Sultan and Family. The other resting houses including Warungboto, Manukberi, Ambarbingun, and Ambarrukmo functioned for the vacation and meditation for the royal family. The other function is used as hiding place for royal family to defend against the enemy assault.

Tamansari is located about 2 km south of Yogyakarta Palace. Built by Portuguese architect in European aquatic construction adorned with Javanese Symbolize ornaments. Tamansari was built in the Sultan Hamengku Buwono I period in the end of XVII Century. Tamansari not only just a recreation, but it’s also a compound of bathing pool, canals, rooms and extremely large swimming pool (if the canals opened).

Tamansari is an interesting place to visit. Besides the location is very closed to the Sultan palace, Tamansari has it owned specialty in attraction reflecting in some unimpaired ancient building and its atmosphere as the main tourist object of Yogyakarta.

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