The Versatile Slide Film - Kodak Elite Chrome

Here’s my experience with the Kodak Elite Chrome 100 slide film. Read on to find out more.

The Kodak Elite Chrome 100 is one of the films that I “save” for special occasions. I just love the effect that slide film brings to my photos! Being an affordable slide film, no wonder this has become a favorite of many film enthusiasts. Unlike the other slide films which cost a lot, the Kodak EB3 is relatively cheap. Great for daylight use due to its ISO 100 speed, the film delivers excellent colors and tones which will surely catch your eyes!

On most occasions, I have used my Kodak EB3 during summer trips and excursions. The film works great with blue skies and lush green landscapes which makes the colors really pop out.

Even with flash, the film is capable of producing photos distinct from other films in the market.

Here are some of my sample pictures taken with the Kodak Elite Chrome 100:

It’s so sad that Kodak has decided to pull the plug on the production of the Kodak EB3 last 2011. So better get your hands on the last few remaining rolls of this wonderful slide film!

Thanks for reading!

written by astilla on 2013-07-05 #gear #review #kodak-eb3-elite-chrome-slide-film-astilla-cross-process-review

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