Photos of X-Rayed Cameras by Blake Billings

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Ever wanted to take a peek at the inner workings of your favorite cameras without taking them apart? A photographer in Memphis, Tennessee has taken a series of photos of cameras, gadgets, and other things using an x-ray machine, pretty much like how airport security officials check your luggage. Curious? Find out more after the jump!

Photos by Blake Billings

Blake Billings, a photographer based in Memphis, Tennessee, has been taking rather unique photos for one of his fine art photo series. In his Fine Art Xray Photography gallery, you will find photos of fountain pens, rocks, shells, body parts, and cameras, among other things that were taken using an X-ray machine. His detailed snaps of cameras — both film and digital — may be particularly interesting, showing us the inner workings of cameras then and now without taking them apart.

Photos by Blake Billings

Perhaps Blake, who is also an X-ray technician, became curious about what certain objects and gadgets look like from the inside, prompting him to create a gallery of photos taken using the machine typically used to look at people’s inner workings.

“It’s interesting seeing the different ways cameras were constructed by looking at their innards,” the photographer says in his website. “Some cameras have a lot of see-through space, showing areas that are less metal and less dense. Others are build like tanks, and their X-rays show that.”

Visit Blake Billings’ website to look at the rest of the photos in his Fine Art Xray Photography gallery!

Do you think you can recognize some of the cameras above? Share your answers with us with a comment below!

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