Fun Under the Sun: A Walk in the Park


Now that the sun is back I invite you to join me for a walk in the park and a visit to the weekly flea market.

Summer is upon us and with that the bright long days are finally here to be filled with adventures in the warm rays of the sun. One of my favorite things to do during the summer is going to the park in the early morning, followed by a visit to the nearby weekly flea market, to hunt for treasure. In the words of Forest Gump: “You never know what you’re going to get.”

Taken with a Holga 120, with 35 mm back.

On the flea market you often find some nice analogue technology like used vinyl albums, and every now and then some very old primitive folding bellows Kodak 120 format camera or some other cheap plastic 35 mm camera. Flea markets are always interesting because you get to see people’s least desirable items on display, everything from outgrown clothes and children’s toys to some machine that shuffles a deck of cards. Sometimes, there are even some really amazing cameras on sale for less then nothing, with film still left inside, giving you the opportunity to do film swaps with a complete stranger. But on the flea market the price is always negotiable, and some potential buyers haggle just for the sake of it, no matter how low the price is to begin with.

Taken with a Holga 120, with 35 mm back.

On the way to the flea market I go through a park, filled with the most lovely and funny creatures (next to penguins) on this planet: ducks. Everything a duck does is highly entertaining and interesting by default. The way they dive for food, with their butts sticking out of the water, their ungraceful attempts to fly, and the way they walk about their business.

Taken with a Lomo LC-A.

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