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Blessed with a wealth of cultural and historical monuments, as well as recreational areas, the southern European archipelago of Malta is a gem in the Mediterranean.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of the Italian region of Sicily, Malta is one of the world’s smallest countries. It is a small archipelago and only its three largest islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino – are inhabited.

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Gozo is the second-largest island in the archipelago and nicknamed as the Isle of Calypso due to its association with Ogygia, the home of the nymph Calypso from Homer’s epic, the Odyssey. It has two beautiful bays: Calypso Bay, which is perfect for sunbathers, and Dwejra Bay, which displays the wonderful work of nature!

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In fact, one special place in the latter, is the Inland Sea – an inland lagoon that boasts spectacular natural landmarks such as the Azure Window.

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The beaches are simply gorgeous, too! With fine sand that contrasts beautifully with the blue sea, who could ever resist immortalizing it on film?

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On the other hand, if you think beaches are overrated, and you want to experience more of the local flavour, then you might want to add a trip to Marsaxokk to your itinerary. It is the second largest natural harbour in Malta and features one of the more prominent fishing villages.

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There’s also the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady or simply Mosta Dome, one of the many Roman Catholic churches in the island. Its size and grandeur strikingly stands out in the vicinity, making it quite the interesting destination.

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