Today in History (1964): The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night is released


The Beatles’ third album contains some of the band’s most well-loved—-and timeless—-songs.

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On this same day in 1964, The Beatles’ third studio album, A Hard day’s Night, was released in the United States. The album contains twelve tracks, seven of which comprise the soundtrack to the movie of the same title.

A Hard Day’s Night is the first Beatles album that was recorded on four-track tape, which resulted in pretty good stereo mixes, at least during their time. All of the songs in the album were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and except for one track, I’m Just Happy to Dance with You, for which George Harrison did the vocals, they were all sung by either Lennon or McCartney, or both.

A Hard Day’s Night made it to number one on the Billboard Album Chart, and stayed until October of the same year. The album was wildly successful, indeed, having stayed in the top spot for 14 weeks.

The album contains some of the band’s most well-loved songs, such as Can’t Buy Me Love, And I Love Her, If I Fell, and of course, the happy and harmonious title track.

Songs from The Beatles are timeless, and to allow latter-day audiophiles to enjoy this album, a compact disc (CD) in mono version was released in 1987. It was remastered and re-released, this time in stereo CD format, in 2009.

A film of the same title was released in 1964. Below is a music video of the title track, A Hard Day’s Night, with scenes from the said film.

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