My First Successful Film Swap with Luke

2013-07-12 1

From Brighton, England to Springfield, Missouri, USA; fellow Lomographer @lukaaus and I completed a successful film swap of two 35mm rolls of film. We used Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 and Fuji Superia 200 films.

Earlier this year, I completed a film swap with a Lomographer named Elisabet, from Spain. We used medium format film, our Diana F+ Cameras, and splitzers. I shot the top portion of the frame, covering the bottom of the lens with the splitzer. Then, I mailed the film to Elisabet, who covered the top and exposed the bottom. My half of the frame developed, but Elisabet’s half did not. Elisabet’s unexposed half of the film was likely damaged by x-ray machines in the post. I will have to test this theory again to be certain, but I think 120 film is more sensitive than 35mm film when it comes to international transport. I could have eliminated the radiation factor by sending the film via FedEx or UPS rather than the United States Postal Service, but those companies charged well over $150 to ship two rolls of film overseas, where as the USPS charged about $12.

The Lomographer @lukaaus, or Luke, and I just completed a successful film swap using 35mm films. In the United Kingdom, Luke shot two rolls of film and mailed them to me in Missouri, where I then shot over his images. The first roll was Lomography Redscale XR 50-200, and the second was Fuji Superia ISO 200. The redscale film has an extended range, but we decided to rate both films at ISO 200. When taking our photographs, we each set our camera’s ISO settings to 400, rather than 200. This way, each of our exposures was underexposed by 1-stop. In theory, this should mean that both Luke’s capture and my own should be exposed equally on each frame. Obviously there were variations in light when he and I shot the film, as well as differences as aperture and shutter speed between our cameras. Overall, however, the results seem well balanced.

I am pleased with the results of this film swap. One of my favorite photographs is one where Luke and I each took photographs of our feet. This happened totally by accident!

Has anyone ever tried a film swap with 120 film? If so, has it been successful for you? Also, if you would like to do a film swap with me, let me know!

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  1. ropi
    ropi ·

    I did a 120mm filmswap and it was succesful! no strange lines made by the Xray or anything else! the only problem was that I used a lubitel and Cécile (@hanat9651) used a agfa isola, so the axes of pics didn't match, but the frames matched perfectly!!!

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