LomoMatrix Using 625 Pinhole Cameras

2013-06-26 4

It is as ludicrous and as impossible as it sounds. Artists London Grammar, with their music video Wasting My Young Years, did something that’s beyond our wildest dreams!

I know what you’re thinking. Trying to make your own bullet time or Lomo Matrix video with your friends is already a difficult task to begin with. How the heck would one pull off doing it with pinhole cameras? Would they need to be literally suspended in mid-air to get enough light to be properly exposed?

Still from the BTS video

The video was done in a circular rig. Think of your regular Lomo Matrix video where your friends are standing in a circle but instead, a whopping 625 pinholes are in their place. While it’s dark, a team preps up the whole thing with a long 35mm roll. Having no shutter, each image is burned into the film simultaneously. And pinholes being pinholes, strobes provided the much needed light in order to properly expose each shot.

That’s quite a daunting activity, wouldn’t you say? But the results sure do speak for themselves!

Here’s the behind the scenes video so you can wrap your head around the whole thing a bit further!

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