Manila's Chinese Cemetery


If you’re not iffy being around a cemetery, then Manila’s Chinese Cemetery is a nice place to get lost in and take a few Lomographs or two.

Photo by cruzron

The Philippines has a rich Chinese heritage that dates back centuries. One of the places where you can see just how long they’ve been here is Manila’s Chinese Cemetery. It is the second oldest cemetery in Manila, second only to the La Loma Cemetery. During the Spanish colonial period, this was the designated place for Chinese citizens who were denied burial in Catholic cemeteries. The cemetery also house the oldest Chinese temple in Manila, which was built way back in 1850.

Photo by cruzron

What’s interesting is that these structures still stand to this very day. Its centuries old architecture just invites you to take a picture. There are countless mausoleums, some still getting cleaned and maintained daily, while some forgotten by time.

Photo by cruzron

And if you’re thinking that it’s in bad taste to go there just to shoot, don’t worry. Guides actually offer tours on a daily basis to show you around and point you to the direction of noteworthy mausoleums. But if you’re more of a DIY type kind of guy, all you need to do is to ride the LRT 1 line and go down on Abad Santos station. From there you can just walk and lose yourself in a completely different world.

Photos by cruzron

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