BAGGU's Lomography La Sardina DIY edition!

2013-07-22 1

Our friends at BAGGU, makers of brightly colored, minimal and fashionable bags, put their magical touch on our La Sardina DIY camera! Read on after the jump to see their adorable La Sardina design, plus an interview with their Creative Director Ellen Van Der Laan!

Hello Ellen! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What do you love to do for fun?

Hi there. I’m a Californian, living in NYC. For fun, I like to go on long walks in the city and in Brooklyn, especially as I’m getting ready to make the move to California in a few months. I am just trying to get in as much New York as I can. My boyfriend and I made a pact to explore one new neighborhood a week, on foot, in our remaining time here. I also LOVE any sort of craft or design that I can do with my hands, but lately I’ve been a real dabbler. Jewelry turned into ceramics turned into weaving turned into fabric dyeing. I need to commit…

What’s the story behind your designs for the La Sardina DIY ? And what was the process like actually putting your designs onto the camera?

Well, we’re pretty into putting stripes or polka dots on everything, so that’s what we did!

Everyone at Lomography is in love with BAGGU’s designs. Where do you find inspiration from?

That’s kind of you to say! I’m speaking for a group here, but our inspiration comes from necessity, and the desire to make things as straightforward and minimal as possible. We’re all pretty active here, be it schlepping stuff around NY, or surfing and hiking in CA, so we use a lot of bags in our daily lives. Most of our bag ideas honestly come from one of us realizing we’d really like, say, a leather bag that looks presentable and cool, but still can carry a lot of stuff.

What can we expect next from BAGGU ?

Ooooh. Expect an expansion of our leather line, and some more performance gear.

Any tips for budding designers?

Remember that you’re young! Now is the point in your life where you have time to come back from your mistakes, so don’t worry too much about making them. Just keep going and learn from the messes.

Check out the specially designed La Sardina DIY from the lovely designers at BAGGU! They will be also be displayed at the Lomography Gallery Stores Chicago and NYC!

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