My LomoProject: Lomographing My School!


I have think about this project since first I got my La Sardina, I must make something. So I decided to lomograph the closest thing to me, my school! Why not taking lomographs around my school and post it on Lomography? The project finished few days ago… So here it is take a tour around my school!

As you may have read on my article some times ago, I am a junior high school student and my school isn’t like any other Indonesian school. It’s the only Indonesian school with American teaching style in Jakarta. That’s not the only thing that makes my school special, the other thing is: we have a separated class building. There are so many things to see, so let’s start from my 8th grade classroom, the XGen Headquarter!

Photo by abecd

Our class is a simple and tiny class. It’s the only class that has a concrete wall for class-borders (Other class only have lockers for border, lucky us!), It’s also the smallest class in the 5th-8th building, but it’s more than enough for us. Any way, I called it XGen Headquarters, because it’s the home of XGen (it’s the name of my class). Since we are 8th grade students for the last 2 semesters, we are the head of junior high school students, we arrange some high school activity and stuff. But since it has been two semesters being 8th grade students, our 8th grade times are over. So next week we have to leave that room and move into the 9th grade room. It’s feels so hard to leave that classroom.

Photo by abecd

The next thing is the class buildings. The classes are separated into several groups and placed in several separated building, so the groups are 1st – 4th grade class in the main building, 5th – 8th grade in the second building just beside the main building, and 9th – 12th grade in the third building that’s far from the main building but closer to the field.

The main building
The second building
The third building

My school also got some facilities, like music room, basketball field, soccer field, an empty field, prayer room, and cafeteria.

Photo by abecd

The greatest thing s about my school is…trees! We have so many trees! So in my spare time when I arrived in school way too early, I can take a solo lomowalk around and lomograph the trees!

Photos by abecd

Sometimes, my school holds some special events, like drama and school fair.

Seats are set there for a drama
This is my 8th grade class decorated for school fair

So, what’s your LomoProject?

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