Today in History (2009): Michael Jackson dies of cardiac arrest


Today marks the fourth death anniversary of the one and only King of Pop.

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On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson died at his rented mansion in Los Angeles. He was 50 years old when he “officially” died of cardiac arrest, which was allegedly due to an overdose of prescription drugs administered to him by his personal physician as a way to manage his insomnia. Fans all over the globe mourned the passing of the phenomenal pop icon, whose highly successful career spanned over decades and generations.

Even before his death, Michael Jackson’s character has been the object of controversy, surrounded by issues relating to substance abuse, child molestation, plastic surgery, and peculiar behavior. Nonetheless, his legacy as the one and only King of Pop remains unperturbed.

Four years after Jackson’s death, a wrongful death lawsuit is still being served, trials are ongoing, and the mystery of Jackson’s demise has yet to be fully resolved.

Don’t let these depressing details regarding the King of Pop’s untimely death or controversies depress you. It’s better to remember him while he was but a young boy in The Jackson 5 and in his full regalia, when he was still moonwalking his way to send a thriller to our hearts!

Below is a collection of Michael Jackson’s black and white photos .

Photos via mojave productions, clubkillers, subhaditya and bossip

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