Revisiting Japan through Koji Onaka’s Twin Boat

Catch a glimpse of picturesque Japan through this recently published book by Koji Onaka.

Photo via sessionpress

Twin Boat, a book showcasing black and white images of quaint and culturally-rich Japan taken by “Koji Onaka,”: was published earlier this year by Session Books.

Koji Onaka is one of Japan’s most seasoned—-and admired—- photographers. He founded Gallery Kaido in Tokyo, which houses exhibits as well as Onaka’s darkroom. Onaka’s expertise dates back to the 1980’s when he held his first couple of exhibits and founded the gallery. He has continued to be prolific throughout the years, holding and taking part in over 30 solo and group exhibitions and having published a dozen of books prior to Twin Boat.

Twin Boat was released a decade after the publication of Slow Boat, a book which garnered international acclaim for Onaka. The photos in both books were taken during the same period. In a recent interview with Vladimir Gintoff posted in American Suburb X, the photographer enthuses about Twin Boat:

“First of all, I’m very happy this book came out, because ten years ago I created Slow Boat, which is black and white work from the same period. Then I had decided I was not going to take black and white pictures anymore, but that decision was rather melancholic. Twin Boat represents a rare opportunity to revisit this earlier period and work with black and white photography again, after a decade of working in color. It has reinvigorated my desire to work in black and white in the future.”

Those are only few of Onaka ‘s prized words regarding his recently published book. To read the rest of the interview, visit the American Suburb X website.

Here are some pages from the book itself:

Photos via sessionpress

Twin Boat is available through the Session Press website.

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