Lubitales Of Twin-Lens Fanatics


For every photo, there’s always an interesting memory or an unforgettable story attached to it. Here, Lubitel Lovers reveal the stories behind their stunning square shots!

Credits: blackcoffeeandtantrum

I took this photo when we were at the Macau Tower a couple of years ago. I was still practicing how to use the Lubi but I decided to lug it around with me for the trip because why the hell not – it looks cool, aside from its potential to take great photographs. We went up to the tower one morning and saw the Macau landscape spread out in front of us. The interiors of the tower looked great as well, and I loved the lighting. I wasn’t really used to taking photographs of strangers without asking for permission, and it took me a while before I pressed the shutter on this one. I considered it an achievement since I went with my instincts (plus I was sneaky enough that the lady didn’t notice me). Minutes after this, I conquered another fear – my fear of heights, when we did the Skywalk on the outer rim of the tower, 764ft above ground. – blackcoffeeandtantrum

Credits: moodification

It was a Saturday after a week of hard work and I was craving for some shutter clicks. In the evening finally the sun came out and I went to the Thyssen Krupp building once again, just because I couldn’t think of another place to go and take pictures. After that we finished the roll at home in a spontaneous session of lightpainting. Felt much better afterwards! – moodification

Credits: waggrad00

So, after my Lubitel 166+ workshop with Lomography Chicago, I was hooked. It took me 2 weeks, but I ended up buying my own. My friend reminded me that photography is what I love and it was an investment. This is a pic from my 1st roll; it’s the film that came with the camera. I went to Millenium Park, met some fun skaters and took a couple of pics I am proud of. A few are blurry, but I suspect with practice, I’ll get better! – waggrad00

Credits: moodification

Once a year there is a big event all over the region of the Ruhr Area. The project is called “Extraschicht” and takes former industrial plants, active production facilities, mines and slagheaps and turns them into cultural venues. We went to Zeche Zollverein and I tried to capture the cool and urban atmosphere of the whole place with all of the light installation art. Great night, great place! – moodification

(This is how) I start my day. – mikahsupageek

Credits: thejomi

A short-term walk to a nearby look-out. I grabbed my Lubi and loaded an expired Velvia 50. Honestly, this was my very first film with the Lubitel. It took a while until I gave it to the lab for processing and I am a little bit surprised about the colour of this X-pro Velvia 50. – thejomi

Credits: anafaro

I had just arrived to London and was looking for something new. Being always fascinated by photography and having known since long about Lomography, I decided to enroll on a Lubitel workshop. And my life changed! This was my first attempt with Lomography and I feel I did pretty OK for a beginner! :) This was back in May 2010. – anafaro

Credits: megs79

I’m not a particularly religious person but cemeteries have always intrigued me, and Saint Louis has some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. This one has huge, amazing spooky gravestones for miles. Also was my first time using T64 in Lubitel 166+. – megs79

Credits: poepel

This is my cool little cousin Lukas. He is twelve years old and he is a big fan of football and a talented young football player too. He collects football jerseys of all football teams in the world. Now he owns more than 20 different jerseys. For this shooting he wore his Bayern München jersey and showed me some of his football skills. It was a really fun day. – poepel

Credits: vici

A young man was fascinated by my Lubitel. I put the camera around his neck and helped him set up this shot of the cake. It was delicious. I didn’t get to try the cupcakes though :-( – vici

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