Go Krazy With The Konstruktor - Order Yours Today!


Everyone wants a piece of the Konstruktor. Have you gotten your hands on the latest camera to hit the shelves yet? Order your Konstruktor now and build your way to a one-of-a-kind analogue experience like no other!

Photo by:hodachrome

The world’s first 35mm DIY SLR camera has been selling like crazy since its release and we’re not surprised to see why! The Lomography Konstruktor is every crafty analogue enthusiast’s dream, from constructing ones very own SLR camera to capturing photos with it. If you haven’t gotten yourself one yet, don’t sit back and miss out on all the fun! Order yours now and be one of the next people in the world to own one. We have a short waiting time for customers in some countries.

Estimated shipping dates for each region:

  • EU, USA & Canada – July 2nd
  • ASIA & Rest of the World – June 27th

This unique camera allows you to explore the Konstruktor’s full potential from the inside and out – literally! The fun starts when you construct the camera piece-by-piece, once completed you’re free to get even more crafty and creative with the analogue contraption in your hands. Check out some of these tips for inspiration:

Speaking of creativity, we all know the Konstruktor also gives you free reign to decorate it and we’ve grown mighty curious to see your unique creations! Join the Kreative Konstruktor Rumble and share with us how you’ve personalized your camera. The top Konstruktors with the coolest designs will be awarded with Piggy Points. So what are you waiting for? Put on your hard hats and get konstruktin’!

written by taranoia on 2013-06-24 #news #35mm #konstruktor #diy #slr

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