Tipster of the Week: Before One's Eyes


We stick out our ears when we want to hear clearly, or forcefully sniff with our nose to confirm that something is smelling fishy and naturally, we tend to get closer at things for them to be scrutinised. Through the investigation of our latest Tipster for this week, she gave new meaning to the word ‘macro’.

Diana Macro by satomi

After getting into shooting some macro shots with my beloved LC-A+, I came up with this idea to use the macro lens with my other favorite camera, Diana F+.

This is a very easy tip, and all you need is the macro lens for LC-A+ and a metal ring that comes with the lens.

1. Take the lens off your Diana
2. Paste the metal ring
3. Put the macro lens on

First, I did some experiments using the Diana Instant Back to find out what the best distance was for the macro shots. I have measured the distance using my fingers, and after some tests, I applied a four-finger rule to the Diana macro shots. However, I am not sure if all macro lenses produce images in the same manner, so I would recommend that you would do some tests if you have Diana Instant Back!

I have noticed some differences in between the LC-A macro shots and Diana macro shots even though I’m using the same exact lens on both cameras. First of all, when I’m using it on LC-A, I need to get much closer to the subject than when using it on Diana. Second, the results are a bit different, too. It seems that Diana macro shots doesn’t blur out the surroundings as much as LC-A macro shots. But I can tell you, whether you are using the macro lens on LC-A or Diana, the images are really magical and fascinating!

written by satomi on 2010-01-24 #gear #tutorials #macro #flowers #120 #instax #close-up #experiment #tipster #tipster-of-the-week #diana-f #instant-back #satomi


  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    congrats! well deserved!

  2. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    Congrats! I agreed with Stephan, this is a nice tips!

  3. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    aha! :)

  4. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    number three photo! love!

  5. minty
    minty ·


  6. jeabzz
    jeabzz ·

    congrats !! and thx for the tip :)

  7. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    It's great when something so simple turns out so amazing. Great idea.

  8. fancholland2
    fancholland2 ·

    Great tipser and beautiful flower pics!! Congrats!!

  9. disdis
    disdis ·

    I need to do this... i've never tested the macro lens though I have them. Thank you satomi! Well deserved!

  10. stouf
    stouf ·

    Simple yet efficient ! Beautiful gallery Satomi !!!

  11. paperlullaby
    paperlullaby ·

    Gorgeous! I love all of the instant pictures.

  12. satomi
    satomi ·

    Woooooohoooooo! Thank you for the tipster of the week!!! and thank you all for your comments!!:))

  13. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Great!! Congrats for the tipster of the week :)) I made a similar test on the Diana Mini.... ;)

  14. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Great idea! I should try this. Thanks for sharing.

  15. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    terriffic! makes me wanna try it now =D

  16. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    unreally good

  17. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Wow! These pics and colors turned out fantastic!

  18. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    Awesome Idea!!! And of course your shots are totally beautiful! Congrats Luv!

  19. noe_arteaga
    noe_arteaga ·

    @satomi, why am I barely reading this now?! AGH, SO GOOD!!

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