Canada Packers Chimney Stack


This unintended monument to a neighborhood’s origins towers 100 feet over a vast lot of unchecked weeds and mysterious floors…

For most of six decades this empty lot was the busy site of what was at one time the busiest meat packing plant in western Canada. In the mid-90s all of the buildings of this massive complex were dismantled, brick by brick, and all that remains is this massive, towering chimney.

From the surrounding roads, it looks like it stands in the middle of an empty field – but don’t be fooled, all of the floors from the industrial structure are still there. As you walk closer, you discover what might have been a tiled bathroom here, a loading dock there, a kill room over there. The walls are all gone, and the sturdy weeds are trying to take back their space.
The chimney itself has been placed on the city’s Register of Historic Resources list, which protects it from wrecking balls, but not necessarily from graffiti, stray shopping carts, burnt mattresses, used syringes, and the occasional tent city for transients.

This site is much more interesting to see if you get out of your car and walk up close to it, but I wouldn’t recommend that you go at night.


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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    What a cool spot ! Maybe that's how the world will look like when we will all have disappeared...

  2. dogma
    dogma ·

    Interesting spot of industry!

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