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Are you a beach lover or a mountain hiker? A fan of abandoned buildings, or modern structures? We asked five Lomographers to share with us their favourite LomoLocations!

It’s hard to pick just one LomoLocation to claim as a favourite. After all, there are so many amazing, intriguing, and exciting places all over the world! Wherever you go, you’ll always find a charm or quirk that makes a place unique and charming to both locals and tourists alike.

We asked some Lomographers from the community to share with us their favourite LomoLocations. In this installment, we’ll visit some favourites you might have missed out on, or would like to revisit!

Community Favourites

The Breathtaking Sunrise at Broga Hill, Malaysia | by eva_eva

Favourite LomoLocation by eva_eva – My favourite location published was The Breathtaking Sunrise at Broga Hill, Malaysia. That was a very beautiful place and I personally recommend it to everyone, local or tourist, to drop by and enjoy the breeze and also the sunrise.

Bristol International Kite Festival | by star-pixie

Favourite LomoLocation by dazb- Choosing my favourite LomoLocation was a tough choice – there are so many amazing locations and photographs listed. In the end I chose a location which I was familiar with – the International Kite Festival in Bristol (UK). I went to the festival too, but star-pixie managed to capture the day so beautifully. Her photos are simple, surreal and bursting with colour.

The Romantic Maiden's Tower | by nural

Favourite LomoLocation by nural – When I think of my favorite published LomoLocation, the first one that comes to my mind is the one I wrote about Maiden’s Tower. The reason I like it is, it is a really personal place for me, since I got a marriage proposal there :) Also, I really like the photos in that one.

Kahvila Majurska in Lappeenranta | by annegreat

Favourite LomoLocation by annegreat – It’s about a very nice café in Finland. I had spent the last four months in Finland. Right at the beginning I travelled with my brother to South Karelia and we had a marvellous weekend there and saw the “real” Finland with its numerous lakes. The Café Majurska meant very much to me. I already had had very good impressions of Finland before I went to Lappeenranta. But the café finally caused a feeling like being welcome and at home in a foreign country. So I will always remember it.

Baguio Forever! | by boredbone

Favourite LomoLocation by boredbone – Aside from the fact that it’s a great place to unwind and do nothing but eat, drink and do Lomo, i like it because I met Wolfgang Stranzinger when I was there. Somehow it adds dimension to a location if you bumped into someone who share the same passion for Lomo :) It makes the world a lot cooler!

How about you? What’s your LomoLocation pick? Browse the LomoLocations now and discover a soon-to-be fave! When you make it there, don't forget to tell us about it!

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  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Interesting selections, I like the idea of this nice to see what people like!

  2. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    beautiful :)

  3. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    great variety =)

  4. nural
    nural ·

    haha I never thought I'd be in one of these!

  5. annegreat
    annegreat ·

    @nural: Me too!

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