LC-W: The Magic of the LC-A+ With a Wide-Angle Lens


The cousin of the LC-A+, the LC-W or LC-Wide, manages to combine everything that is great from the LC-A+ and also offers a 17 mm lens to take pictures with a wide-angle as well.

The LC-W was released a few years ago and has charmed more than a few people. Essentially, this camera is pretty similar to the LC-A+ but with a couple of significant differences.

The most obvious one being the new Minigon 17mm lens. It can be considered a wide-angle lens, which means you will be able to capture a lot in each picture and the outcome will be really fun even when you get close.

The second difference is that this camera allows you to take pictures in three different formats thanks to a mask included in the kit. You can chose between FF full frame, HF half frame or S square. You can chose among formats just by adding the mask behind the lens, moving the small lever to pick the format and opening more or less the hatches that cover the lens and the viewer, so you can see exactly what you are capturing.

This camera works with three button batteries that are loaded in the lower part of the camera, it also includes a tripod screw and, just like it’s cousin the LC-A+, it can be used with a cable release if you want to take low light pictures.

Another good thing about the LC-W (if you are forgetful like I am) is having just two different focus settings: 0.4-0.9m and 0.9m to infinity. This way, errors with focusing distance are less.This camera uses 35mm film and you can use automatic shutter speed since the LC-W works with film from ASA 100 to 1600.

To sum it up, the LC-W is a great camera when you want to capture landscapes or are looking for a wide-angle lens in a compact camera.

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