Redscaled Films Reviews: Pertuz Primera 200 Redscaled – Good for dark orange and reds


If you like dark orange and reds, then this is the film for you.

I have a few precious rolls of Pertuz Primera 200 film left in my film stash. Naturally this means that I need to be prudent with how and when to use it.

Having grown up shooting film casually as it was used back in the 80’s/90’s, and then heavily in the early 2000’s (for work reasons), my preference now is to redscale the cheaper colour negative films. That said because I have not seen this brand before, I ran a roll through the Olympus Trip 35 just to see how it will look, even though the film expired in 2011. It came out well. (Read my review of the film here)

Unfortunately, when I redscaled the Pertuz 200 and used it with my Olympus Trip 35, I got results that I didn’t want. So I decided to try it one more time but with a different camera.

Having more experience with making my own redscale films and after studying at other Lomographers articles and photos, I took a good look at this film. Here’s what I noticed. The negative feels thicker than most films I have used. This indicates that I really need more light. Based on this, I chose to run another redscaled roll of Pertuz Primera 200 through the Yashica Electro 35 GSN – my usual camera used for redscaled films.

This time that was no particular method to my test.

I simply set it to ISO50 and took random photos on a fairly bright day as I normally would.

And at one bright morning event.

Results were mixed.

The smallest aperture used was f8.

Then I took a photo at f4.

The widest aperture was at its maximum of f1.7.

Verdict? If you are going to redscale this film and want lighter colours, then go as wide open as you can at at the camera’s lowest ISO speed. If you like deeper reds just stick to f8 on an aperture priority camera on a fairly bright day.

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