5 Reasons to Love the Lomo LC-A+

2013-07-02 4

What can be said about Lomo LC-A+ that hasn’t be said before? Probably not much. That it is the camera that started Lomography? Yes, it is! That it is a wonderful camera? Yes, it is! That pictures always come out properly thanks to its automatic shutter speed?

Credits: carmengraphy

Some prefer its classic versions, others like it better in red, dressed for partying, or as a pacifist! No matter its exterior look, the Lomo LC-A+ is and will be the head camera for thousand of Lomographers around the world.

5 Reasons to love the Lomo LC-A+

  1. Its Minitar 1 lens yields pictures with radiant colors, beautiful contrast, and edge vignetting.
  2. Shoot once and again! You can experiment with doubles thanks to its multiple exposure switch.
  3. It’s good for every situations! its expanded ISO setting allows you to use it with film from 100 to 1600 ASA.
  4. Use it day and night! The camera’s hot shot will allow you to use it with your favorite flash!
  5. Use 35mm film, it’s easier to use and develop.

I have loaded my beloved Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day with Fuji Velvia 100 film, and the outcome was quite interesting. I like these angry violets and reds that look like another planet!

Credits: carmengraphy

In other pictures I have gotten more subtle purple tones… still quite crazy!

Credits: carmengraphy

You can see all these album here

I love my Lomo LC-A+. Do you? :)

See you soon!

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translated by ladyfromthepast


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  2. populuxecowboy
    populuxecowboy ·

    I just got my first Lomo camera two days ago, and by coincidence it's a Russia Day LC-A+. I can't wait to see what kind of photos I get from it.

  3. carmengraphy
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    thanks for translating @ladyfromthepast :)

  4. carmengraphy
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    You'll love it!!! @populuxecowboy

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