Lomo Lubitel 166+: A Nostalgic Perspective


The Lomo Lubitel 166+ is one of the premium cameras of the Lomography family, and a great camera to start learning how to be patient.

The Lomo Lubitel 166+ or Lubi for friends, is a TLR or Twin Lens Reflex camera, which is essentially a reflex camera with two lenses, which means that in order to take a picture, you have to place the camera at your waist height and look down. These cameras have two lenses: the lower one is the one that takes the picture and the one above just lets you see what are you capturing.

What I like about this camera is, contrary to other TLR cameras, the Lubi is made from plastic and it’s really lightweight.

The apertures of this camera’s lens go from f 4.5 to f 22 and use a code well-known among Lomographers that let you select aperture from very cloudy to sunny with a focusing distance of 0.8 m to infinity. This camera is mechanical and it doesn’t have a exposure meter, so the sunny 16 rule o is very useful (you can also use an app for this in your smartphone). Shutter speed is indicated on the side of the camera with small arrows that indicate it as you chose it. Shutter speed goes from 1/15 to 1/250 and it includes a B bulb mode for long exposures. You will find a graphic in the back of the camera that is very useful to measure light properly.

The camera comes with a hot-shoe and can be used with a cable release and a tripod screw. Which is perfect for long-exposure lovers. You will also find a lever in the side that lets you select the ASA of the film you are using it with.

The Lubi is quite versatile since you can use it with 35 mm (adaptor kit is included) or 120 mm in 6×6, 6×4.5 format and you can even shot panoramas.

I think the Lubi is a great camera to learn analog photography’s basics and it teachs you to be patient and pay attention to detail.


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translated by ladyfromthepast

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