Lomo LC-A+: What Else Can You Ask For?


What else can be said of the iconic camera of this photographic movement? The LC-A+ is the updated version of the camera that initiated Lomography in the 90’s. Do you want to know some fact about this camera? Just keep reading…

The Lomo LC-A+ is the reinvention of the classic LC-A, that camera discovered by the founders of Lomography in the Czech Republic in the early nineties.

This little wonder in black, (there are different versions and even special editions) is a 35mm compact camera from the point and shoot family, which are basically small automatic cameras. In the case of Lomo LC-A+, shutter speed is automatic (after you have selected film ASA), and you only have to worry about selecting the correct focus distance: 0,8m / 1,5m / 3m o infinito…

The camera uses three button batteries, which are fairly easy to get and are included with the camera when you purchase it. Batteries fit in a little compartment in the lower part of the camera, next to the tripod screw – which is really useful to shot with poor light conditions.

You have to bear in mind that apart from the tripod screw, this camera can be used with any universal flash and can be used with a cable release. So there are no excuses to use your LC-A+ with any light conditions!

One of the most loved additions to this version of the Lomo LC-A is it’s ability to take double exposures just by moving the lever:MX

The other lever we can see is to open and close the viewer and the lenses in order to protect them. This camera’s lenses is a 32 mm Minitar and it has an aperture of f 2.8 (which I think is a very high aperture for a camera of this kind).

Finally, this wonder works with 35 mm film which are fairly easy to get and develop. Loading them is easy. In order to wind it once it’s finished, you only have to push the bottom that comes low and rewind with the lever.

The Lomo LC-A+ is a light-weight, compact and fast camera that has amazing results the more you try it. You can take it everywhere.


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