Lomography Color Negative 800: First Impressions with a Unique Tone Cast

2013-07-13 1

This is a type of film with a strong character. I really like it! ISO 800 is not as bad as I imagined before, the film has a very smooth grain for ISO 800.

I loaded this film to my favorite camera, Yashica Electro 35, yes, a camera that appeared in Spiderman the Movie. “Property of Peter Parker”. Another name is “The Poor Man’s Leica”. Haha, it doesn’t matter for me.

I even used to photograph during the summer, of course with a ND8 filter.

Later, I know this trick gives an unique tone and useful with a shiny day.

But the grainy results are clearly visible when underexposed.

And after I’ve processed them at the lab, the bad thing happens! Unluckily, from 36 exposure, I only get 13 exposures. Yes, only about one-third, that the rest is clear without a picture. There’s something wrong with my camera.

Overall, Lomography Color Negative ISO800 is great for all conditions. if you use an SLR or rangefinder camera’s with manual settings, use an ISO Push technique, by adjusting the ISO settings on camera. You also can use filters to avoid over exposure to be used in a shiny day. Then with the normal conditions, just return to the ISO position to ISO 800.

Best results from this film is during the afternoon or evening with other light sources. I recommend not using the flash without a diffuser. You will lose the stunning results of your photos.

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