My Review of the Lubitel 166+


The Lubitel 166+ is a good camera for those who want to try shooting medium format film. Read on more after this!

I remember the day when I received my Lubitel 166+. It was the first medium format camera that I ever bought. What drew me to it was its ability to shoot dual formats – either in 35mm (with sprockets) or in 120 film. Plus its lightweight but sturdy construction made it easy to carry around.

Being a twin lens camera, it would take a while in getting used to compose photos in the viewfinder. The images are mirrored meaning that the directions are reversed (up is down, left is right, etc.)

What’s included in the box?

  • Lubitel Camera
  • Lubikin Set (for 35mm film) plus masks
  • A Carrying Strap
  • 120 film
  • Cable Release
  • Camera Manual

When I bought the camera, it was bundled with a free Diana Flash Kit (plus adaptor) which fit perfectly on the Lubitel’s hotshoe.

I loaded a 120 film in it the first day I used it. Having been accustomed to point and shoot type of cameras, the first few rolls were underexposed. The Lubitel 166+ taught me to factor in light, aperture and shutter speeds into consideration. The manual controls forced me to think before I clicked the shutter.

The Lubitel 166+ also comes with a Lubikin Set to modify the camera to take in 35mm films. The Lubitel 166+ can expose around 22 – 23 frames with a regular 36-shot film negative. You can also turn the camera sideways to get horizontal shots.

Thanks for reading! :)

written by astilla on 2013-06-29 #gear #review #lubitel-166-mediumformat-mf-120-35mm-sprockets-astilla-review-camera

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