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Surfer Rosa is one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The sound is aggressive, the guitar riffs powerful, the bass lines distinct, and the drums pound with fury.

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To find an album with a really interesting analogue photo on the cover, you really have to go a while back. Look what I found! American alternative rock band Pixies’ first ever full-length studio album, Surfer Rosa, which was released on March 21, 1988.

On the cover is a sepia image of a topless woman posing as a flamenco dancer, standing against a wall with a crucifix and a torn poster (whistles). The album inlay is a booklet that contains more photos of the woman, who is apparently “a friend of a friend” of the band.The photos were taken by English photographer Simon Larbalestier.

1. Bone Machine
2. Break My Body
3. Something Against You
4. Broken Face
5. Gigantic
6. River Euphrates
7. Where Is My Mind?
8. Cactus
9. Tony’s Theme
10. Oh My Golly
11. Vamos
12. I’m Amazed
13. Brick Red

Pixies was formed in 1986 with Black Francis on vocals and rhythm guitar; Joey Santiago on lead guitar; Kim Deal on bass; and David Lovering on Drums. They disbanded in 1993 but reunited in 2004. Kim Deal officially left the band a week ago.

More on the heavy side, the tracks in this album are a mix of alternative and hardcore punk. Black Francis used his Spanish-speaking skills to inject the language in the lyrics. There are allusions to mutilation and voyeurism, and references to Puerto Rico, where Back Francis went to study Spanish.

The sound is aggressive, the guitar riffs powerful, and the drums pound with fury. Kim Deal’s bass lines are distinct, without which the songs would be less commanding. But as you stomp your feet and bang your head, you are plucked out of your ferocious state by Kim Deal’s sweet close to child-like voice.

Bone Machine is an astounding start to the album, those drum beats and bass lines followed by scathing riffs will make you listen. And possibly scream. Two tracks to watch out for are the catchy Gigantic and the phenomenal Where is My Mind? The former features Deal on lead vocals and the latter is probably one of the most popular songs of the band, and was even used as backround music to a climactic scene in the 1999 film adaptation of Chuck Palahuniuk’s Fight Club.

Surfer Rosa is one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. An evolutionary rock album of the 80’s, it was “inspirational” to the likes of Kurt Cobain, PJ Harvey and Billy Corgan.

Now go grab your copy of this album. Till next week’s Weekend Music Review!

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