Boating in Brizzle


I’ve found the ultimate recipe: The Holga + a boat ride = absolute pure photo joy!

On the day after new year’s day this year I had taken a walk down into Bristol town to go visit my favorite photo shop to hand in a few rolls of film and have a chat about getting some of my pics printed out again, but the shop wasn’t open! I was distraught! Well… almost… And I had a few hours before catching a bus back to London.

As ever I had my beloved Holga with me and I was down by the river taking a few shots when the ferry came past. I jumped onboard on impulse and was asked where I wanted to go. Turns out they do an hour’s round trip for just £6 and as a student it was half price for me! Hooray!

The boat was almost empty with just me and the two guys who worked on it and a whole load of chilled out reggae. I got a spot by the porthole which I thought would look great on my pics with the bright red edging. Well, the red didn’t come out but I love the circle effects on my photos.

I had a great time sat next to my porthole with my Holga ready to snap anything I found interesting. The thing that I really liked about staring just out of that one porthole is that the things that went past seemed different somehow because I hadn’t been looking ahead to see interesting things. My field of view was very narrow but that meant that I was looking at everything that was in it as opposed to just looking for the main sights.

Well I quickly ran out of film and asked to be let off the boat a bit early… I didn’t want to see something really cool and not be able to capture it!

So, that was my afternoon on the little harbour ferry in Bristol. Hope you liked it!

written by hansie14 on 2010-02-15 #news #boats #bristol #harbourside #double-exposure #porthole #boat-ride #harbour-ferry


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Thanks for the ride hansie14 ! It was very pretty ! ; )

  2. lomoblood
    lomoblood ·

    very nice gallery :]

  3. paramir
    paramir ·

    liked it very much! very nice gallery!

  4. brianlawless
    brianlawless ·

    really nice........i love boat trips, thanks for bringin me on yours

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