Stop Motion Sunday: History of Stop Motion Animation Puppetry in Film


Many of us may already be familiar with the concept of stop motion animation, so for today, we bring you something different for Stop Motion Sunday. Puppets and dolls are often used to bring fantasy characters to life on the big screen through stop motion animation, so it’s certainly interesting for us to find out more how they were used throughout film history.

Movie director and award-winning visual effects supervisor and producer Phil Tippett working on a puppet for Coneheads. Just one of the many fascinating stuff you can learn about and watch from the stop motion animation episode of Discovery Channel’s Movie Magic documentary.

We stumbled upon something interesting for all you stop motion animation fans out there: an episode of Discovery Channel’s Movie Magic documentary on the history of stop motion animation puppetry in film. We all know how filmmakers have been using puppets, dolls, and dummies to give form to fantasy characters, then proceed with stop motion animation to bring them to life. But, perhaps not many of us have an idea about its history and how much work stop motion films and footage back then entailed.

The Movie Magic episode (most likely this one from 1994) is brimming with details about the origins of stop motion animation itself, the very first groundbreaking movies that starred specially-made puppets and dolls, and some insights from and about the pioneers of this technique.

Anyone interested in stop motion animation and filmmaking will surely find the beginnings and milestones of stop motion animation puppetry fascinating, so we’re sure the documentary will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Without further ado, we bring you the first of three parts of the Movie Magic episode on stop motion animation:

Then, proceed with Part 2 and Part 3!

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