The Nowhere Train


Last week we had the chance to meet Nowhere Train during their tour through Austria and immediately fell in love with their incredible music!
In this exclusive interview, Nowhere Train told us about their great music and shared their intimate tour photos with us!

CITY: Vienna, St. Louis Missouri

COUNTRY: Austria

Where does your band name come from?
It’s because the band was formed in a train to nowhere. The Nowhere Train is all about the pleasantly unknown. We love to see ourselves as strangers on our journey through life.

So, what’s so cool about your band?
That we don’t have to ask ourselves questions like this one.

How would you describe Nowhere Train’s musical style?
What ragga dancehall is to reggae, the Nowhere Train is to country. Dancehall – Country with a deep emotional impact.

Credits: nowheretain

How long does the band exist and how did it even start?
It started in a train in 2009 as an experiment. We wanted to know how people would react to a handful of musicians on the loose, sharing their hearts with whoever they would meet on a journey that would lead them to wherever they were going.

What inspires you?
Trains. Places. People. Friendship.

What is your favourite analogue camera?
Leicas. Lomos (of course). Anything with film!

What do you like about analogue photography?
The moment when you go to pick up the developed roll, not knowing what the pictures will be like. Developing a film yourself is an amazing process too. Waiting in the dark for a picture to appear. Actually a bit like life itself.

What’s coming up for Nowhere Train? Where can we catch a show?
We play two shows this weekend: Friday at Cinema Paradiso in St. Pölten and Saturday we play a big show on the Michaeler Platz in the first district in Vienna. It will be beautiful, open air and the entry is free. For further shows and infos check our website:
What subjects are in your pictures? Which cameras did you use?
A mix of friends, fans and ourselves during our 2013 Austria tour. The cameras we used most are LomoKino, LC-A and Fisheye cameras.

Thanks for the interview!

Get to know more about Nowhere Train on their website and like them on facebook !

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