Summer Is For Skating!

2013-06-21 2

Today’s a gnarly day to push, shred, carve and slide in celebration of one of the coolest sports ever because it’s Go Skateboarding Day! Here are 21 awesome Lomographs to get you in the mood to go out and skate your favourite pool, park, ramp, or hill. Stay safe and stay stoked!

Credits: peropero, jbeischer, puckzee, bbijlhout, paranoid_expectation, dianafuu, needle76, cosmicpnay80, maggie_m, gui_llaume, c-yusuke, canthc, elletra, vasconcelosjv, flashstalker, icuresick, charliechoi & denisesanjose

Yesterday, we shared swell International Surfing Day photos for all the wave-catchers out there to get their stoke on. Today, June 21, Go Skateboarding Day is being celebrated all over the world and we’ve got 21 film photos that will make you want to bust out your board and grind some rad concrete! After all, skating was once considered sidewalk surfing so two consecutive days of stoke totally makes sense. Ride on!

Visit Go Skateboarding Day for more info and check out the Magazine for more skate photos and articles!

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