Beat the Singapore Haze with Our Indoor Solutions


Pollution in the Lion City has reached record highs and are not expected to subside anytime soon. While most of us have to bear the barely visible streets day-in-day-out, we can curb our enthusiasm by having fun indoors.

Credits: trw

Bring a little outdoors indoors with flowers – then try your hand at Ikebana, watch Woody Allen’s early films, log-in to your LomoHome account and let the prospect of a new LC-A or LC-Wide put a smile on your face (we can still see your grin behind that mask).

Credits: ariannapaloma & srmarcus

For more vigorous activity, why not take up cookery like you’re always saying, set up a camping tent in your living room like when you were young, or get busy with constructing the Konstruktor!

Credits: renaishashin & hodachrome

Then, when things finally return back to normal, and are even more vibrant than before owing to new found appreciation, share your shots with us from your new cameras.

written by soundfoodaround on 2013-06-21 #news #art #singapore #cameras #haze #lion-city #solution #konstruktor

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