Grand Opening of the New Online Store!

我們現在正式宣佈, 網上商店經過一輪的精心改造,現已脫胎換骨, 帶著眾多的全新功能隆重登場了!往後要選購你的心水貨品將更安全、更容易。讓我們一同看看有著甚麼新改進?

我們現在正式宣佈, 網上商店經過一輪的精心改造,現已脫胎換骨, 帶著眾多的全新功能隆重登場了!往後要選購你的心水貨品將更安全、更容易。讓我們一同看看有著甚麼新改進?

The shop is all shiny and new from top to bottom, even the product shots are fresh! With state of the art security and technology, the new shop is bursting at the sides with features that we cannot wait to tell you all about! You will be having a lot of fun with faster browsing speed and a better way to have a look at the goods.

Click me to vist the New Online Shop!

More Choices

- 從此購物的主導權將完完全全屬於你,來創造最合你心意的購物組合吧。

- Endless bundles – Now shopping is more personalized because you have the possibility to decide for yourself what you want to have in your own special bundle.

- 從此你無需再被預設的套裝所困惑,真正的由你決定你的購物模式,自由組合你的購物清單。

- You will also have more flexibility when you shop in total. Instead of being stuck with buying a set number of film that comes in a package, you have the choice! The more you put into your basket the better the rates you get.

More Savings

- 在眾多新功能中,最好讓你眼睛放亮的,當然是每加入新貨品到你的購物車,將組合出不同的購物優惠

- Most importantly among all the fantastic new features is that you will have the opportunity to save more with each purchase you make! Whenever you add an item to your cart you will have the ability to make a combination purchase.

- 即如你購買貨品如 Lomo LC-A+ 時,一併選購不同膠卷,可享不同的組合優惠,買得越多、節省的自然更多!

- This means that when you purchase say, the new Lomo LC-A+, you can at the same time make a combination purchase by adding a pack of film and save money. Each item you add to the combination gets you an even better deal.

More tasty discount for you!

三年前的1月19日是 Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong 的開幕,到今天的1月20日,也在這裡慶祝全新網上商店的登場;我們很希望為你繼續送上優惠,於明天 (1月21日 11:59pm前) 購物滿 HK$1500,在結算前於優惠卷代碼一欄中輸入碼碼欄中輸入代號:10percentoff ,即可享額外的九折折扣;不要等了,來和我們一起嘗試這全新的 Lomography 睹物感受吧!

To celebrate the grand new open of the online shop, as well as the 3rd Anniversary of the Gallery Store Hong Kong.On the first day of shop opening. We would love to offer you little more discount on top of the bundle discount. For every order over HK$1500, type in code: 10percentoff to the voucher chat box (see from the above) before Checkout. Shall enjoy an extra 10% off, so what are you still waiting for. Take the time, shop for yourself or your love one!

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