Rare interviews of iconic photographers in the 1970s part of photographer's documentary film


It began with a daughter’s quest to reconnect with the mother she never knew, but a photographer’s personal documentary film also has the potential to take us back in time, and tell us more about the life of the iconic photographers who we now hold in high esteem. Find out more about this fascinating Kickstarter project after the jump!

When New York-based photographer Rachel Seed discovered the recordings of the interviews done by her mother, she felt compelled to learn more about the mother she never knew. Needless to say, this endeavor was bridged by their shared love for photography.

Excerpt from Sheila’s typed transcript of her interview with W. Eugene Smith. Photo via A Photographic Memory on Kickstarter

So, Rachel set out on a journey to locate and meet with the iconic photographers interviewed by her mother, Shiela, many decades ago. These photographers include Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, and Cornell Capa (younger brother of war photographer Robert Capa). The culmination of this adventure is a personal documentary film entitled A Photographic Memory, which she was able to start with the help of a generous donation in 2011, yet needs more funding for the production to finish. This prompted her to share her story and ask for support via Kickstarter.

Watch a snippet of Rachel Seed’s fascinating documentary below:

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