Cool Photographer Business Cards Made Out of 35mm Slide Film Mounts


Got some of those slide film mounts lying around? It’s time to gather them and put them to good use if you don’t have a slide projector to use them with. A Minneapolis-based designer came up with a cool idea to turn 35mm slide film mounts into business cards. Maybe it’s something that can inspire you to do something as creative, so go ahead and read on to find out more!

There’s been buzz around film photography websites and magazines about the cool concept of Minneapolis designer Samuel Soulek of Soulseven creative studio, to help Minneapolis photographer Lars Swanson achieve “brand presence that would help him stand out from the competition.” The idea was to turn 35mm slide film mounts into unique, eye-catching, and effective business cards with Swanson’s photos as the centerpiece. Very, very rad and smart, as you can see below:

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Think this is something you’d like to try making? The folks over at PetaPixel recently posted a step-by-step tutorial featuring the version of Slovenia-based freelance photographer Jernej Lasič. While Lasič’s cards do not use actual photos, they were made to work similarly as actual slides that can be held against the light and even projected.

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