Lomopedia: LC-A LC-Wide Instant Back+

2013-06-20 1

Who says you need a Polaroid to take pretty instant photos? Experience instant Lomo LC-A and LC-Wide gratification with the Instant Back+! Simply attach it to the back of your camera, load it with Fuji Instax Mini film and see your vintage-looking and vignetted photos develop right before your eyes!

LC-A LC-Wide Instant Back+

The Lomo LC-A’s Minitar 1 lens is capable of producing the most magical images with fantastic saturation, contrast, and vignettes. Now you can see it develop right away on the warm glow of Fuji Instax Mini Film with the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+! The world’s first amateur program automatic instant photography system with long & multiple exposure settings and a fully expandable range of accessories for the Lomo LC-A+ is also compatible with the LC-Wide! Simply attach the Instant Back+ after a one time minor adjustment and press the release button to get your instant photo. Talk about snapshots! No need to delay your gratification by waiting for the lab to develop your photos!

Tech Specs:

  • Exposure Dimension: 46mm x 62mm
  • Film ejection mode: one touch ejection
  • With power on/off switch, power light up indication, automatic film counter, tripod mount
  • Film Type: Fujifilm Instax Mini Film
  • Power supply: 2x CR2 (6V)
  • Compatible with the original Lomo LC-A, LC-A+ and LC-Wide
Credits: beni, natalieerachel, quaisoir, trincheiras, vicuna, ovaxposed, hhjm, guitarleo, wersofcked, tracyvmoore, dakadev_pui, poepel, diwen, deng, reneg88, fafascinado & life_on_mars

Visit the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ microsite for FAQs, see the Instant Back+ Gallery for more photos, or read up on Lomographer Reviews of this accessory in the Magazine. Buy your own Lomo LC-A Instant Back at the best price from our Online Shop!

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