Tales From The Horizon


We got some of the most passionate Horizon fans to tell us their favorite memories with the premium panoramic camera.

Photo by: pauee1617

Besides the powdery white sand, clear waters, the awesome labor day weekend festivities and the great company I had, what made me fall in love with Boracay was the sunsets. I’ve heard stories of how majestic it was, but when I actually witnessed it first hand, I made the best desicion to document it with the Horizon Perfekt. A perfect view and a perfect moment with the Horizon Perfekt. – pauee1617

Credits: kelvin_wx

When my Sheryl has been pregnant for about 6 months, I took her to the park. I used my Horizon to capture the precious time. – kelvin_wx

Credits: recurving

While loading the Horizon Camera I made some mistake and then all photos turned out cut in half – but I somehow liked the effect… – recurving

Credits: cc-in-paris

Golden Gate bridge, so iconic that you feel you’ve already been there and yet, so excited to see it for the first time. Big, majestic, trying to capture it is so hard, a task for the Horizon. – cc-in-paris

Credits: sebastianerras

I got an invitation to see the fashion show of Talbot Runhof at the Spring/Summer Fashion Week in Paris. I asked my friend Mikah (@mikahsupageek) if he could lend me his Horizon Perfekt and the LC-A. So on the last day of the Fashion Week I walked direction the Louvre to see the happening at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show that took place there. Had some interesting opportunities to photograph people there and even saw Kate Moss when she left the Show. Afterwards I went to the Westin Hotel to see the show of the two german designers. The Horizon and the LC-A were definitely the perfect companions! I am pretty happy with the results as I had to no exposure meter with me and I had to guess the exposure all the time. – sebastianerras

Credits: moodification

This is an old psychiatric hospital with a beautiful park area. I attended a seminar there and decided to give my brand new Horizon a shot. – moodification

Snowboarding, Day 2. The Horizon is a great friend at 11,500 feet above sea level! – mikahsupageek

Credits: ohlordy

Right place, right time. (I was) walking down the beach one evening when a crazy storm rolled in and a Air Force acrobatic display erupted across the sky. – ohlordy

Credits: jandra

First Horizon shot by my 3 year old daughter. – jandra

Credits: adi_totp

Why this is my favorite Lomograph? Because it’s simply like life, we go through all the motion and enjoy it! – adi_totp

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