Happy Birthday, Pai!

2013-06-25 1

My father has always loved photography. Thanks to him, I learned how to take my first pictures. Come and get to know us!

I remember my father taking pictures my whole life. Taking a big bag full of cameras, films, lenses and filter, as we all do. And of course, shooting everything and everyone. He used to take two cameras, a Minolta X-700 and a Pentax Me Super. This is my father, Juan.

Credits: penumbras

However, the camera that appears in this picture isn´t any of the ones I already said, but another Pentax he previously had before it got stolen.

He introduced my mum to the photography world when I was born. She wanted to learn how to take pictures of me and, thanks to that, I have many portraits of me with my dad all around the house!

Credits: penumbras

Then, they taught me as well. Thanks to him, I had my first analogue camera, an automatic Yashica J-mini Super, when I was 10 years old. After that, he showed me how to use a reflex camera. My favorite from the very beginning was the Minolta. I adored focusing with it (it has the little circle in the middle divided in two half moon shape parts, that need to fit into each other to focus) and I remember just looking everywhere through the camera, sometimes not even taking the picture, just focusing! Some other times, I was just shooting and shooting without having a break! Here we have some portraits taken by me.

Credits: penumbras

On 19th of June, while I wrote this article, it was his birthday. So, (belated) Happy Birthday, Pai!

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