Student's Documentary Shares Film Photographer Billy Mork's Insights on Analog Film Printing


For his school project, a Broadcast Media student in Singapore got in touch with film photographer and lab/gallery owner Billy Mork, and filmed a documentary sharing the photographer’s insight on film and analog photo printing. There’s a lot of lessons and interesting stuff in the documentary, so we encourage you to read on and watch the film!

Thai Anh Duong, a Brodcast Media student of LASALLE College of Arts in Singapore, shot a documentary film several months ago for his second year school project. His chosen subject? Film photography and analog printmaking as told by architect, film photographer, and lab/gallery owner Billy Mork.

Mork, who founded IMAGINI Black and White Fine Art Photography Lab and Gallery, shared plenty of interesting views on what sets film photography and printmaking apart from their digital counterparts, as well as the challenges involved, from taking pictures to making actual prints out of them the analog way.

Watch Thai Anh Duong’s The Art of Analog Film Printing below:

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