LC-A Instant Back+ with LC-Wide - The Perfect Combination


If you like creative instant photos, you must try the LC-A Instant Back+ with the Lomo LC-Wide.

Instant photos are really funny, and with the LC-A Instant Back+ it’s really easy to transform your LC-A cameras into an instant camera. But the best thing is that you can use this accessory also with the fantastic LC-Wide! You only need to use the conversion kit to be able to shoot fantastic and super wide Instant photos.

Credits: gionnired

A nice feature of the LC-A Instant Back+, is the possibility of making double exposures. Indeed after you take a shot, the back will not expel the instant card, you need to push a button on the back. So, if you want to be creative, you can press the MX button on the camera, shoot again and finally be able to see your great double exposure on an instant photo!

Credits: gionnired

You need to change your ISO settings to properly expose the instant film. I discovered that with the LC-Wide, a good exposure outside with bright sun, is 400 ISO.
If it’s cloudy, than expose at 200.

iso 400, sunny day exterior

In interior shots it’s better to use a flash. I tried to expose at iso 100, but the corners remain too dark. It’s ok if you want to achieve a noir effect.

iso 100, interior

Be careful, because the LC-A Instant Back is so easy to use that you’ll become an instant-photo addict really soon! :)

I suggest to all of you to try this great accessory. Just remember to be creative, always!

Credits: gionnired

written by gionnired on 2013-06-28 #gear #review #instant #instax #back #lca #lc-wide

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