30 Liveliest Lubitel Photos


Ever wondered how life looks like through the Lubitel 166+’s twin-lens? Here are the 30 most breathtaking Lubitel photos that we found in our archives.

Credits: juansupergen, blackcoffeeandtantrum, littlesister, jabuka, jennson, weidong, sandravo, kazama77, moodification, troch, somapic, frauspatzi, strange_ojisan, hoseun, lomosexual_manboy, warning, domyblue, edwinchau, bccbarbosa, billy_chan, tiano, sixsixty, disdis & makny

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The Lubitel 166+ is a loving recreation of the Soviet-era classic. Based on a design that dates back over 60 years, this camera is updated with new features like the ability to shoot both 120 and 35mm film. Shoot mind-blowing images with the Lubitel 166+, available in our Online Shop.

written by shhquiet on 2013-08-14 #lifestyle #medium-format #lubitel #lubitel-166 #twin-lens-reflex

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