Locations Log Book: Vinyl Havens


Just like film labs, local record and vinyl stores are quite uncommon nowadays – you should consider yourself lucky if there’s at least one thriving shop in your city! And in this instalment of the Locations Log Book, you’ll see a list of lucky Lomographers who’ve found their Vinyl Haven!

Credits: lokified

Vinyl Havens: Revolve Records and Relics, Erskineville by lokified

“Revolve Records was founded in 2004 by Jon Ordon (who has been in the record business for 17+ years). The first thing you can’t fail to notice upon approaching Revolve is the stacks-upon-stacks of loose second-hand LPs and 45s in their milk crates outside the door. There are two layers to sort through, as well as a separate set of crates for dog-eared paperback books.”

Photos by jutei

Vinyl Havens: My Top Three Record Shops in Helsinki by jutei

“The vinyl isn’t all about the music. It’s also about the big cover art and finding the records from records shops or flea markets. If you want just music, buy a CD or MP3s; but if you want a whole experience, get vinyls. Here are my top 3 record shops in Helsinki.”

Credits: stratski

Vinyl Havens: Record Store de Nootzaak by stratski

“The Nootzaak has a very true name: it’s a pun on the words noot (Dutch for note) and noodzaak (necessity). And let’s face it: music is a necessity. This shop, located in a beautiful old building in the charming old part of Amersfoort provides in this necessity.”

Credits: lintrs

Vinyl Havens: Chowell Records by lintrs

“Chowell Records (Discos Chowell) is one of the few, or maybe even the only place that specializes 100% in vinyl within Mexico City. They feature a wide variety of vinyl records and equipment. Additionally, it is well located with a very unique decor.”

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