Horizon Perfekt : Sharing my Double/Multiple Exposure Shots Using the Horizon Perfekt


You need more than patience to do double exposure/multiple exposures with the Horizon Perfekt. You’ll never satisfied and never get bored.

Not like the Horizon Kompakt, the Horizon Perfekt doesn’t have a MX button to do double/multiple exposures. But do not worry because you still can make MX shots with the Horizon Perfekt.

Credits: hervinsyah

I’m inspired by the LC-A user who was also facing the same problem with the Horizon Perfekt. So we did MX manually by shooting the first layer until the film was empty. Then crank the film until the “click” sound heard from the inside of the camera. It’s the sign where all the film are near the canister but the lips of the film are still outside of it. And when we open the camera back, we can put the film once again to do the second/double exposure and so on and so forth.

Credits: hervinsyah

If you want to get the expected result, don’t forget to write what object you have shot frame by frame. Then you can plan the next object that you want to shoot at with the second/double exposure.

Credits: hervinsyah

But this is Lomography, we often get the unexpected result even though we have planned it carefully.

Or if you’re not a planning person, you can do the double exposure/multiple exposure spontaneously. I always did this method with my filmswap/doubles partner.

I never obey the rule “sign of first shot here, etc” when my filmswap/doubles partner writes it on their film (sorry guys =) And it made the result turn more abstract.

Once again it depends on your taste, if you like no rules, you’ll get this abstract result and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a blessing in unexpected results which unfortunately, very rarely happens to me.

Credits: hervinsyah

And if you want more expected results, plan it with your filmswap partner and make sure both of you use the same camera because all of my filmswap partners use different cameras from me which made their normal frames very different from my panoramic frame.

Oh, also don’t stop learning from other LomoHomes and get inspired by them. But do not plagiarize.

Credits: hervinsyah

That’s all and I think it’s not covering most of the possibilities of the double exposure/multiple exposure aspect in the Horizon Perfekt world. Just trying to share what I did and I’m still learning.

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