How To Build A Do-It-Yourself Close-Up Lens For The Konstruktor

2013-06-21 2

The idea of being creative and building something awesome is at the very heart of the Konstruktor camera concept. In this tipster, we show you how to transform the camera into a macro shooting maestro – Now you can get even closer to the objects of your photographic desire with the first Lomography SLR camera!

Photo by earlybird

The Konstruktor already gives you a ton of creative options as soon as you’ve built it. But what if you want to transform it into a camera capable of a completely different kind of photography? When testing the camera, earlybird experimented by attaching a Diana Close-Up Lens on the Konstruktor. We loved the results and couldn’t wait to try the tip ourselves at lomography HQ (thanks to nella for recreating it here!). Here is how to build your own…

  1. You’ll need a Konstruktor camera, something sticky like blue tack (like we use here), pads or glue and a Diana Close-Up Lens
  2. Attach your sticky material to your Konstruktor lens
  3. Attach your Diana Close-Up Lens to the blue tack
  4. Voila! You have a close-up Konstruktor lens!

Here are some sample shots taken using this tip:

Photos by earlybird and nella

The Konstruktor is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself 35mm SLR camera. With it, you can easily build your very own camera from scratch. It’s the perfect tool for having fun whilst learning the exciting mechanics behind how analogue photography works. Get yours from the Online Shop or Lomography Gallery Stores Worldwide. Find out more about the camera on the Konstruktor Site.

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