Redscaled Film: A Mini Journey with Ferrania Solaris and Rasp Effect on the Spinner 360°!


The fantastic look of redscale film has fascinated people all around the world for its yellow-orange to deep reds but who can resist to a redscale of a truly amazing film and an added effect? Yeah, nobody can!

When i started experimenting with redscales i never imagined I would have some exciting results.

Because analog photography is a large part experimentation, I have made a never-made-before experiment, fusing 2 effects together: Redscale and the well know RASP effect from Revolog!

A good way to test it was putting it inside my beloved Spinner 360°, the perfect camera for hard-testing real film capabilities!

Some pictures have been taken spinning normally, others spinning by hand for the interiors.

The Rasp effect is almost present in every shot, but the real beast is the redscale, deep tones for interiors and underexposed pictures, and a vintage like look for the normal or overexposed images!

Hope you enjoy this little review, keep experimenting with film and never give up!

written by yayoboy on 2013-06-27 #gear #film #review #redscale #ferrania #solaris #italian #italy #200 #rasp #spinner360

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