Tipster Recap: The LC-A Family!

2013-06-19 1

The Lomography community’s resident lab maniacs and analogue experiment addicts have been constantly pushing the envelope throughout the years. Let’s check out the recent Tipsters they cooked up for the LC-A and its family after the jump!

Photo by gatokinetik-o

While most Lomographers like you and I are merely mild mannered men (and women!), some members of the community have a knack of going against the grain and doing things their way. These individuals are members of an elite Tipster task force, going boldly where no Lomographer has gone before. These brave men risk life, limb, and their precious LC-A’s just to make our Lomographic lives a bit better. For the LC-A’s birthday celebration, we’ve collected a few recent Tipsters that you can do with your LC-A and its kin!

Photo by gatokinetik-o

Honing our Beloved LC-A: Basic Tips for Good Maintenance

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that most LC-A’s are older than a big chunk of the community. That is why gatokinetik-o thinks it is paramount to always keep your beloved LC-A at tip-top shape. Hold your breath though, as this requires massive surgery! Read on to see how he does the procedure!

Photos by sandravo

Camera Modification: Turn your LC-A+ into a Rainbow Camera!

If you aren’t too keen on operating on your LC-A+ just yet, you can try out sandravo's Tipster of giving your camera a rainbow of filters to choose from! If you want that X-Pro look, but you’re only midway through your roll, here’s your solution. Curious? Head on over to her article!

Credits: bebopbebop

How to Save Your Money and Films with 72 Lomographs in 1 Roll with LC-Wide

If you’re rocking a rare film with your LC-Wide, and want to squeeze every possible frame out of it, here’s all you need to do. You can’t go wrong with 72 photos in just one roll, right? bebopbebop's Tipster is so simple its genius! Make sure to read the details on how she did this in her article!

In celebration of the LC-A’s 29th bithday, we’ve prepared a spectacular offer just for you! We’re treating you to a 29% discount on any Lomo LC-A and LC-Wide Cameras that you desire. Discount is limited to 290 units only and is available for both Online and Lomography Gallery Store shoppers. Hurry, it is valid for 29 hours, 29 minutes and 29 seconds only!

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