Review Roundup: The LC-A Family!


The LOMO LC-A’s birthday is just around the corner, so it’s time to shine the spotlight on the community’s favorite analogue companion, along with its extended family!

Photo by lucretia

Whether you’re a veteran Lomographer or a newly christened one, the LOMO LC-A epitomizes and embodies the whole appeal of the analogue movement. It’s portable, discreet, but at the same time, packs quite a bit of punch under the hood with its world famous Minitar 1 lens. It comes to no surprise that the LC-A has remained a cult favorite for close to three decades now. So for today, we’re featuring reviews done by the community on the different members of the LC-A family. Read on and enjoy!

Credits: sirio174

Walking in the Park with a Refurbished LOMO LC-A

Deadstock LC-A’s are practically impossible to find nowadays, but if you really want to hold in your hands something from the old-school, the Lomo LC-A Refurbished is the way to go. sirio174 recently took one out on a spin on a beautiful spring day in Italy. Read his review to find out about his thoughts on the Refurbished LC-A!

Credits: ajagee24701

The Little Wonder A.K.A. The Lomo LC-A+

For newer Lomographers like ajagee24701, the LC-A+ is the best option to get acquainted with the sought-after, pocket sized classic. Read on for her review – from the agonizing wait, to the unboxing, down to the first few rolls!

Photo by lucretia

Lomo LC-Wide - A One of a Kind Creative Tool

If you’re more of a fan of wide vistas and exaggerated angles, the LC-Wide would be perfect. lucretia shares her thoughts on how its 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Lens was simply irresistible. Check out her review as she shares the best ways to unleash your LC-W’s potential!

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