Summer Lovin' with the Lomo LC-A+!


Sea-soaked, sun-drenched, beach-bummed — these are just some of the ways to describe what an amazing summer would be like. You can make it even more amazing by arming yourself with an analogue companion to document your summer escapes and adventures. Something like the handy and fuss-free Lomo LC-A+!

The sultry summer is without a doubt many a lomographer’s favorite season: the weather is delightfully warm, the days are brighter, and the sun lights up everything. These conditions are without a doubt perfect for shooting outdoors with your analogue cameras, especially if you head out somewhere scenic, adventurous, and action-packed!

Our fellow lomographers have been bringing along the handy Lomo LC-A+ along for their summer trips, wanting to keep things fuss-free and easy while still getting amazing results. Despite its compact size, the Lomo LC-A+ is packed with many useful features that let you experiment with your photos whatever the season: ISO dial that lets you set the film sensitivity from ISO 100 to 1600, distance setting with a flick of a switch, cable release thread for long exposures, and of course, a Multiple Exposure (MX) switch for effortless doubles and multiple exposures!

Thinking of bringing along your Lomo LC-A+ for your summer trips? Draw inspiration from these stunning snaps by our fellow lomographers from their own sun-drenched escapes!

Credits: juansupergen, mephisto19, lawypop, juditto, gocchin, peropero, qrro, werriston, reneg88, ohlordy, bccbarbosa, lulomo, lola_juanlu, crayfish, denisesanjose, 129, adi_totp & ginnys

The Lomo LC-A+ known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities.

In celebration of the LC-A’s 29th bithday, we’ve prepared a spectacular offer just for you! We’re treating you to a 29% discount on any Lomo LC-A and LC-Wide Cameras that you desire. Discount is limited to 290 units only and is available for both Online and Lomography Gallery Store shoppers. Hurry, it is valid for 29 hours, 29 minutes and 29 seconds only!

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