The Stories Within Pictures #17: White Nights, White Days

2013-06-21 1

After a long winter and quick spring a magical time has come, when sun does not set down and mysteries of the world might be revealed. Or maybe not. But certainly and without a doubt, it is the most magical time of the year in Finland.

Penny set for a long journey with her boyfriend and his friends. Several hours spent in the bus and then some more hours in the car. The landscape behind the window was all the same. Straight road, grass, birches and pines. No mountain, no river, no radical change in this flat landscape.

‘Where are all the lakes they were talking about?’ she was wondering.

Moreover, it was all so strange. Everybody was on the move and stuck in the traffic jam. Nobody was going towards the direction of towns and cities. Every car was set for the journey towards the wild nature.

Credits: erikagrendel

It was late when they arrived, but the sun was still shining and blinking on them from behind the tall trees. Everything was as she imagined. A wooden hut, a lake next to it with a little boat, a sauna and no drinkable water. But it was okay, everything was so relaxing that such a thing could not really make you worry.

The next day, she was prepared to experience Finnish nature and explore the surrounding area. So she said good bye to the hut and friends for a while and went out exploring. There was no one around. No other hut, no car, no sign of other people enjoying Juhannus in the nature. They were hiding somewhere, somewhere where their privacy was protected and could enjoy every bit of sunlight alone and away from the city crowds. When Penny realized that she was already walking for 2 hours without meeting anyone, the allergy took over. Birches were everywhere, her longtime beautiful enemies. But it was okay. Who can worry when such magical time is almost here?

Credits: erikagrendel

After having a salmon dinner outside, they enjoyed the laziness of that moment. There was nowhere to hurry to, and especially not to bed. Beer and wine bottles were open and finally the conversation started.
“Have you heard about some Juhannus stories?”

“How could I? This is my first Juhannus ever,” replied Penny with a smile.

“Well then, in our woods, many magical and mysterious creatures are hiding. They have their own secrets and their own stories,” a friend took a sip from his beer can and continued, “see, maybe there is a troll hiding behind that tree.” He pointed towards the tree by the lake, which was lighted by the slowly setting sun. They all started to laugh.

“Oh, but really, if you stay up and out the whole white night, the mysteries and treasures of these woods might be shown to you.”

The sun was rising again (3 o’clock in the morning). Photos by erikagrendel

So, she stayed up that night. And the most mysterious and beautiful thing happened. It was 3 o’clock in the morning and the sun was still visible, still letting itself be known by the red sky. Then, it came. Everything was melting in the golden color. The hidden treasures of the wood were visible for a while. Then, the sun was rising again.

Photos and words by Erika Grendelova. Originally from Slovakia, Erika now lives in the Czech Republic and travels a lot to UK and Finland. Read more articles from her series here.

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    Is this in reference to Dostoyevsky :) Beautiful Finnish archipelago.

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